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Chrisell Nguyen, Self Made.

HI! I'm Selly! Im 36 years young, a wannabe Chrissy Tiegen that bakes. I love rap music, long laugh sessions until I feel my abs, and I have the biggest potty mouth on this earth. I sew, I cook, I craft, can color and cut my own hair. I'm a vintage thrifter and I restore fashion & furniture.  I was once a body builder and sometimes a personal trainer. I'm a foodie that loves to eat nothing but fried foods, chips, and all the white unhealthy carbs. Yes, I bake but I don't call myself a baker. I would categorize myself as a MAKER. And this is why I call myself DIY SELLY!



Top 5 questions people ask me.


"How long have I been doing this? 

"What made you start your business?"

"How long does it take you to bake a cake?"

"How many cakes do you do in one day?"

"Are you hiring?"


Before I answer these questions, I'd like to share my journey before I became Instagram's

DIY Selly

I will say this. Never in a million years did I think I was going to be jobless. I did know, that my talent wasn't being utilized for what it is. I wish I could tell you the ideas and creative things I think of, but it's impossible! It's definitely not easy running my own business from home while raising a toddler. BUT there will never be a paycheck or dollar amount that can ever give me the same satisfaction I feel doing what I do.

The reward are my customers faces when I meet them to show them what I have created for their occasion. The joy a celebrant has when blowing out their cake. The feedback that I receive by a simple photograph. This is what I was born to do. 

I am self made. I make every cake custom with love, passion, and creativity. I have so many creative goals in store. Please watch and grow with me as I continue to make my dreams come true by being a #BOSSMOM in my very own kitchen. 


I am full Filipino born and raised in Sunny San Diego. My childhood in Linda Vista, my teeanage years on Skyline, my adult years in Kearny Mesa, and now have resided here in Santee owning my first home.

I graduated from the University of San Diego

with a BA in Business Administration and an emphasis in International Business. I've had my fair share of working for large corporations and dealing with that "9-5". In February 2018 I got laid off from my dream job. I was a designer handbag buyer for an e-commerce site owned by DSW. Unfortunately due to the competitive online market, our business shut down.

During my college years I was a server at the wonderful Extraordinary Desserts, a Visual Merchandiser for Forever 21, a buyer for, and have owned a Brick and Mortar selling women's fashion. I've had many roles in  my life and each company has taught me so much for who I am today running DIY Selly.

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